Preah Vihear Temple near by Thailand border
Preah Vihear Temple near by Thailand border
Angkor Taxi Tuk Tuk: Angkor Taxi Tuk Tuk
ANGKOR TAXI TUKTUK: Welcome to Angkor Taxi TukTuk in Siem Reap Cambodia Kingdom of Wonder
Greetings! Welcome ! The ancient Kingdom of Cambodia is famous for the warm hospitality it extends to visitors from around the world. Visitors to our kingdom enter a country filled with spectacular temples, natural splendor, and world class resorts. However, it is the warmth and hospitality of the Cambodian people what most often makes the deepest impression on visitors to this wonderful country.
Smiling face of Bayon
Smiling face of Bayon

 Hi, my name is BunHorn, or Plet for short. Now I'm a Pteam driver leader. I stay and work in Siem Reap Angkor Cambodia, the kingdom of wonder.

 I would be most happy to show you, and share with you, the rich history and cultures of Siem Reap.

I have been working as a driver since 2004. I would be pleased to give you suggestions as you plan your trip; I can tell you all about the histories of the temple complex and you won't have a problem understanding me as I have a good standard of  English.

You know, there's a lot more in Siem Reap than just Angkor Wat, so after a long day exploring the temples, I can show you a whole range of things that you can do, from discovering local Khmer cuisine to a relaxing wind-down at one of the excellent local spas.

One of the advantages of choosing me as your driver is that I can also give you a taste of traditional rural Cambodian lifestyle and if you want to contribute to or spend time with some of the many charitable organizations here then I can show you some of these too. And here's wishing you a memorable stay in Siem Reap



the location is at the south  entrance of Beng mealea temple
the location is at the south entrance of Beng mealea temple

Siem Reap is a province of Cambodia. It is well known because of ancient temples of Angkor especially Angkor Wat. Its Town stretches about 2km north-south along the Siem Reap River and roughly 3-4km east/west along National Road 6. The airport sits 6km from town. The main temple complex lies about 5-10km north of town. All of the hotels are in or near town, and are spread relatively evenly across the town, though there are still concentrations in certain parts of town: 1) there are a variety of hotels, shops and restaurants near the Old Market; 2) several large upscale hotels between the airport and town along Rte. #6; 3) two budget oriented areas: one along ‘Wat Bo Road and the other in the Taphul Village area; 4) a variety of mid-range hotels and restaurants along Sivatha; the Phsar Leu area 2 km east of town center.


Regarding to the tourism field in Siem Reap of Angkor where has more and more people come to see, discover  the majestic temples of Angkor in northwest Cambodia belong to the classic period of Khmer art and civilization. Today, a millennium after they were built, they are visitors with their perfection and enormity.


So now I and my friends have cooperatively decided make a team of driver. It’s called P-team. We have shared what we know each other in our team and we have experiences for many years in tourism field in Siem Reap. We enjoy meeting new people from around the world and would be most happy to show you the charms of Siem Reap, Cambodia. We  can customize your traveling route if you wish to beat the crowd at the most popular sites. You can be assured of a safe journey throughout your tour.

Mr. Walter ( 01.Pteam driver )
Mr. Walter ( 01.Pteam driver )

Hello, my name is Sy Vutha but you can call me Mr. walter. I am living in Siem Reap, the gateway to the famous temples of Angkor Wat.

If you need a reliable and friendly driver with good English knowledge, I would be more than happy to take you out to see the temples, and advise you on the best way to make use of your time in this beautiful part of Cambodia.


I have been a driver for car and tuktuk for 6 years. I'm grad to show around in Siem Reap and out site. I ca speak and understand English well.I'm happy to share my knowladge and tell you what I know about Cambodia.


I also have a special skill to make you happy. Let's try.

Warm regards,

Mr. Walter

Mr. Tony (02-pteam driver )
Mr. Tony (02-pteam driver )

My name is Ravuth, called Mr Tony for short. I am an English speaking car and tuktuk driver in Siem Reap for 7 years experience.


I can give you a history of the area as we drive through, including visiting the local villages.


I can drop you off at any Temple site and wait for your return.

I look forward to helping you experience our beautiful country and famous hospitality.

Cambodians are very gentle, friendly people and I am sure you will enjoy your visit with us very much.I'll be happy to show and tell you what I know about Cambodia.


Thanks for choosing my service.


Mr. Tony

Mr. Manel (03-Pteam driver )
Mr. Manel (03-Pteam driver )

Hi, I'm Manel. I have been a tuktuk driver for 8 years and I also can drive car.

I have both license. I can speak and understand English well. I hve been a student in AEC school (Australian center for Educaton) for 2 years in level 6. I'll be happy to show you and tell what I know about Cambodia. we can share our knowlagde. Anyway, I dream to be a tour guide, if possible.


With best regards


Mr. Yem, 05-Pteam driver.
Mr. Yem, 05-Pteam driver.

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Sokyem- Driver Speaking English.

I have been a driver for many years in Angkor Archaeological Park and other tourism sites around Cambodia.  Our services have been prepared with the needs of all travelers in mind. I try to provide exciting and amazing tours for independent adventurers.

I would like to hear from you with any suggestions or recommendations.I am available to attend to your sightseeing and activity requirements.

Are you thinking of visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia to see these fantastic temple sites of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm ( Tomb Raider temple ), Bantey Srei, Phnom Kulen, Khbal Sepan, Beng Mealea temple and prefer to go further outskirt temples or remote attractions than these ? Would you like help in getting to these sites and around town or go to places of your interests? 


I do hope you have happy trip with me as your driver,



Mr. Yem